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Intolerance and DNA. GENOVA

What are Functional Tests?

I use private laboratories to help inform where we might start to assess your underlying causes.
Functional tests are paid for privately and directly to the laboratory and interpreted by a nutritional therapist. The science suggests that some of these tests may be upto 15 years in advance of those used by your GP, some of which they may not even be aware of!!

Food Intolerance or Allergy Panels (Can include inhalants)

  • Gluten Sensitivity Screen
  • Fatty Acids Profile
  • Gut Permeability Profile
  • Vitamin (serum/whole blood)
  • Toxic Metal/Elements Profile
  • Comprehensive Hormone Profile - Sex Hormones/Adrenals/Thyroid
  • Menopause Hormone Profile
  • Neurotransmitter Profile
  • Osteoporosis Profile
  • Weight Loss Hormone Profile
  • Comprehensive Stool - Microbiology/Parasitology
    To name just a few..

    I am registered with and use Genova Diagnostics, Regenerus Health, Biolab Medical, Thriva and Cambridge Nutritional Sciences. Test kits are generally sent via post directly to your home and returned to the laboratory. This makes it a quick and easy process for all!

Intolerance and DNA. CNSLOGO

Food Allergy/ Sensitivity Testing

Have you noticed that some dairy products might upset your tummy or you feel more bloated after eating dairy containing foods?
The easiest and quickest way to check is via a 'finger prick test' which involves taking a tiny drop of blood which will be tested for sensitivity to dairy proteins.

A specific lactose intolerance test is a simple breath test. Lactose intolerance is different from a dairy sensitivity, in that the body is required to make a particular enzyme to break down the dairy sugar, If you are found to be lactose intolerance, you are not making the lactase enzyme and may require a supplement if you wish to continue consuming dairy products.

Intolerance and DNA. lifecode dx

DNA Profiles

DNA testing is an exciting and informative choice, however it is only valuable if you understand how best to interpret and then implement changes to your diet that will 'up regulate' the pathways informed by DNA. Afterall you CANNOT change your DNA!!

Be more specific about what you want to know for your health from your DNA profile ie; fertility, liver function, muscle profiles and let me support you in this knowledge.

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